Company History

Accurate HD - Directional Drilling - Civic Construction


Accurate HD was founded in July of 2007, back then it was just the three owners and a single drill but with a lot of hard work, long nights and dedication, Accurate HD has flourished into the company it is today. We continue to establish ourselves as a trusted leader in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) nationwide and remain a leading provider of utilities installations, energy, water & sewer, and telecommunications.

Accurate HD - Directional Drilling - Civic Construction


In 2011 we made the decision to branch out into Open Cut Sewer and Water installation. Though this kind of contradicts our “Why dig it when you can drill it” slogan, we couldn’t be happier with the work this has provided us with and the opportunities it has presented.

Accurate HD - Directional Drilling - Civic Construction


Nowadays, we have a crew averaging around 40 people and our fleet has grown from one drill to upwards of 80 pieces of supporting equipment, but of course we are not stopping there. We are always moving toward growth because as you know the path to success is always under construction and that seems to be working out pretty well for us.

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