Brandon Kirkcaldy – Forcemain

The Challenges

The construction of new watermain crossing of the Assiniboine River, complete with tie-ins to the existing watermain, abandonment of the existing parallel river crossing and reconnection of the service to the Discovery Centre. Construction of a new forcemain. 4 major crossings, watermain crossing of Assiniboine River, Horizontally directional drilled dual 600mm DR 9HDPE casing pipe with a 350mm DR 11 HDPE carrier pipe crossings of the Assiniboine River, aingle 350mm HDPE of 350mm series 160 PVC crossingof the existing flood protection Dike, 1050 mm steel casing pipe with dual 450mm DR 25 casing pipes and dual 350mm DR17 HDPE crossing of the CP Broadview subdivisioin main line track.

Project Description

Client:City of Brandon
Location:Brandon, MB