Health, Safety & the Environment

Accurate HD employs the highest standards in regards to health, safety and the environment by implementing and exercising safe work practices, policies and procedures. Paired with Accurate HD’s other progressive training and employee initiatives, these programs routinely produce top-quality personnel for Accurate HD who without fail, surpass industry recognized safety standards and client expectations a like. All of our policies and procedures are readily available for workers, contractors and customers alike, whether you are on site or visiting our office.


Horizontal Directional Drilling – The Green Alternative

Accurate HD is committed to the responsible stewardship of the environment throughout its directional drilling operations. We meet this commitment by:

  • Employing policies that recognize and protect various ecological diversities
  • Designing and operating our job sites to comply with or surpass all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Setting clear environmental objectives and targets to reduce or eliminate the risk of any associated environmental pollution
  • Using only environmentally passive drilling fluids
  • Promoting environmental awareness throughout our operation
  • Remaining mindful of the environment and surrounding properties where we operate, in a manner that is socially acceptable and economically sensible


Our Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Every organization concerns itself with the safety of its valued employees while at work. Accurate HD Ltd. is no different. Our first and most important goal is always to get our guys home safe to their families. We exercise every precaution and apply our resources appropriately to ensure our employees are thoroughly educated in and protected from the inherent dangers at any given job site, not only our own.

To keep these standards, our employees receive regular training and are equipped with certificates for:

  • First Aid
  • Fusing
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Locating & Safety Watch
  • Confined Space & Confined space rescue
  • Drill School
  • Supervision & Safety
  • WHIMIS 2015
  • Class 1 & Class 3 Drivers
  • Site Specific Orientations
  • QC and AC (before every job is started quality control is done to ensure the safety of our workers and everyone around the jobsite)

Apart from safety training our crews go through daily on site safety meetings and weekly tool box talks which are usually taken straight from our safety manual and used to remind them of the many policies and procedures that we have to keep everyone safe.

In conjunction with an on-staff safety officer, certifications from safety regulatory bodies such as COR™, and an untarnished standing with the Workers Compensation Boards, Accurate HD eliminates risk from of the equation and strives to prevent accidents before they happen.



Accurate HD is a COR™ certified company which endeavors to meet or exceed all mandated requirements of the program. Please contact us with any questions.



Accurate HD maintains a clear standing with the Workers Compensation Boards in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and provides clearances to our clients prior to each job. We value comprehensive workplace safety practices and protect our employees and our clients accordingly.



Accurate HD is a member of ISNetworld. A company which functionality gives Hiring Clients the ability to measure key performance metrics while promoting transparency, clear communication and sustainable operations.

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